Watch Youtube in Double Speed


Once you try watching YouTube Videos (especially training videos) at a faster rate, you’ll never go back!

This video will show you how to play YouTube videos at a slower or faster rate, whichever might be helpful to you.

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0:00:21 How you can watch YouTube videos at a faster rate.
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Hi Mike Reading here from I just posted a little tip for our teachers in the unlimited support and training community at the site and I thought I’d share this video with you, my blog readers and YouTube subscribers as well.

So in this short video, what I’m going to do is just show you how you can watch YouTube videos at a faster rate.

Now why would you want to do this? Well we want to do this so that we can get through more content quickly. So I listen to a lot of podcast and I listen to – and I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I don’t want to just watch them at a rate that the person presents them in.

Now before we could do this with YouTube itself, what I used to use was an app in Google Drive called “Video Notes” and this is a fantastic app for using videos with your students, and I’ll make another video about that later.

But now what we can do is simply just open up the YouTube video that we want to watch, right down the very bottom right hand corner of the YouTube video, you will see that there is a cog and that cog is a settings cog. Now when you click that, a box opens up and there will be an option for you to choose the speed.

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You will see in there that you can make the video play slower which might be helpful sometimes, but you can also increase the speed to 1.25, 1.5 or two times the speed.

Now for me, I generally watch the videos in about 1.5 speed, sometimes you can get away with two times depending on how fast the person is speaking and how quickly the they are presenting the content. So this is a great way to save you time, make you more efficient and so on.

So here is what I want you to do. I want you to go and open up a YouTube video [if you are listening to this via podcast] or you might want to just go back to the beginning of this video, click on the cog, change the speed and just a have a listen to it. And then what I’d love you to do is just share this video with other teachers so that they can benefit from this video and become more efficient as well.

So to share a video in YouTube, all you do is just underneath the video you will see that there is a share section, just click that and then you might want to tweet it, you might want to add it to Facebook, you might want to share it on Google Plus or whichever social media you prefer.

Did you like this quick tip?

If you like more tips like this then simply head over to the Using Technology Better unlimited support and training community, and there’s all sorts of tips and tricks on how you can use technology better to engage your students. We’ll see you in the next video.

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