How To Use Office 365 To Improve User Experience

Microsoft is making some great progress in the cloud collaboration space with their Office 365 product.  In this short video, and video transcript we show you how you can increase collaboration and access to your documents with the O365 suite of tools. 

Video Highlights

0:00:00.16   Review of  Part 1 Edge Browser

0:00:00.30   Review of Part 2 Chrome Browser and its features

0:00:00.40   Review of Part 3 Google Drive account for Google Apps

0:00:01.19   How to copy or move files and folders in Office 365

0:00:02.00   How Office 365 cloud collaboration is similar to using Microsoft office on PC

0:00:02.44   Working from the full version of Word then moving back to the cloud version and vice versa

0:00:03.24   Introduction to Part 5 which is Windows 10

Transcript: How To Use Office 365 To Improve User Experience

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Hi Mike Reading here from Welcome to Part 4 of a five part series where we’re just showing you some of our favorite tips and tricks that really help improve your user experience when you’re using web tools.

In Part 1 we had a look at the Edge browser and some great features that I’m truly excited about in terms of creating resources for students and interacting with our different apps and programs that we use in the classroom. We then had a look at our Chrome browser and some features that are built into Chrome that really improve the user experience and so I would encourage you to go and have a look at Part 1 and Part 2. In Part 3 we looked at our Google Drive account for Google apps for education or just Google apps if you’re in a business and how we can just better manage shared folders and I gave you some tips that are really going to stop you losing documents in your school, people deleting documents, moving documents and so on. I know this is creating a lot of hassles in businesses and schools all around the world but it can be solved reasonably easily. So make sure you go back and check out that session as well.

In this session I want to give you a couple of tips around Office 365 and Office is making some great progress in the cloud collaboration space and I want to just point those out to you.

The first thing that I wanted to show you was that in our Office 365 account we can have our files and our folders much like we can have inside Google Drive but the same problem occurs. If I choose a particular file in a shared folder you’ll see that there is the ability here to move this document but we don’t want to move it because it just creates those problems. Office 365 does have the option here to ‘copy to’, so in Lesson 3 we looked at how to use ‘Shift Z’ in Google. In Office 365 make sure you’re using the copy to and not the move to version and that just saves some of those hassles that you have in there.

One of the reasons I really like Office 365 is that your Cloud collaboration looks and feels the same as it does if you’re using Word on your computer. So if you go to your OneDrive account and you click on the new button you can open up a new Word document, Excel document and so on then it loads up in the browser so it’s an online experience much like how Google works and you’ll see that there’s a toolbar there that looks very familiar to how things are working normally.

So you can see here that for teachers who may be struggling to transition to collaboration this could be a really nice option for them because there’s not a whole change management process that’s available to you. You will notice that there is a little button here that says, open in Word and what that enables you to do is open your online Word version in the full version of Word because there are a few features that are available in the online version and then you can work with that full featured version of Word, add those features in as you need them and then you can move back to the Cloud and so you still got this one document that you shared and you don’t have these versions of documents.

So if you’re still in a Microsoft environment and you’re looking to transition out of that having multiple versions of documents and people updating them and trying to manage all those changes then I definitely suggest you take a look at Office 365 and what they have to offer.

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In the last session in the five part course we’re going to take a look at the Windows 10 update and a few simple tricks that you can use on your PC to really maximize that Windows 10 experience and make things a whole lot easier for you. Whenever we show these to teachers they just love them and you can always hear an ooh and ah as we go through them. So I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you in the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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