UTB eNews NZ: Oct 2022

The high demand for training across Aotearoa has made for an action-packed month! Even though it’s been a crazy busy time, we’ve loved every minute.

With our two newest trainers on board to help share the load, we’ve had a blast helping teachers integrate the latest digital tools into their classrooms and supporting education leaders in their quest for transformational change within their schools.

The upcoming school holidays means more students will be engaging in fun, interactive STEAM camps around the country, thanks to our loyal sponsors Google and PB Tech. A firm favourite with the training team, STEAM camps are just as much fun for us as they are for the students and teachers!

Content Overview

1 Tech Tools for Teachers: Canva Templates
2 Trainer Tip: How to Use Archive in Gmail
3 Lesson Planning Made Simple: Minecraft EE: Global Challenge
4 PLD Update: PLD Priorities & PLD Online Training Sessions

5 Blog Bites: 3 Websites to Save You Precious Planning Time


Tech Tools for Teachers

Canva Templates

Canva is one of our favorite design tools for education. With regular updates and additional resources, from Ice Breakers to Infographic templates, Canva offers invaluable resources to make planning faster for you and your lessons more engaging for your students. Now that’s a win, win!

Trainer Tip

How to Use Archive in Gmail

In last month’s eNews we focused on how to reduce inbox clutter by unsubscribing from emails that we don’t want or need. This month we will show you how the Archive feature in Gmail works. However, before we do that it’s important to understand how Gmail works. 
There is a folder that contains almost all your emails called All Mail, you may have to click More to be able to see it. This is not your inbox, but it does contain all the emails that are in your inbox. Confused?

OK, think of All Mail as an enormous bucket that contains all your emails; read, unread, filed, even deleted email (for 30 days anyway). 
All emails in the inbox have a label attached called Inbox so the inbox that you see is just a filtered version of All Mail. 

When we select an email we have the option to Archive it, which removes it from your inbox. However, it won’t be deleted; it will still be in your All Mail folder. The beauty of this is that you can clear most emails from your inbox, but if you do need to find them again, it is easy to do, as they remain in the All Mail folder.

Stay tuned for next month’s Trainer Tip where we will explore Gmail’s advanced search function.


Lesson Planning Made Simple

Minecraft: EE Global Build Challenge

We are excited to share the newest Minecraft Education Edition Global Build Challenge with you! Challenge your students to identify parabolas in the Minecraft world so they can learn to build their own rainbow. 

Parabola is a graph or drawing of a quadratic equation. They can arch up like a mountain, down like a valley, or even curve to the left or right. Students can draw parabolas on paper or a computer, and you can see them in everyday life in the form of bridges, buildings, even a rainbow! 

Click here to download > Minecraft Build a Rainbow World 
Click here for the > Build a Rainbow Challenge page


PLD Update

PLD Priorities

With the end of the school year just around the corner, it’s time to start looking at strategic planning for 2023. But before you hit send on your PLD application to nab some free PLD for your school, it pays to know one key thing.  

Regionally allocated PLD must align with one or more of the PLD priorities:

1 Localised Curriculum (we deliver on this!) 
2 Assessment for Learning (we deliver on this!) 
3 Digital Fluency (we deliver on this!) 
4 Cultural Capabilities (we don’t deliver directly on this but partner with facilitators that do) 

We know teachers are busier than ever. This lack of time is at the forefront of our minds when designing and delivering PLD. When you align your objectives with your school priorities/strategic aims that means it isn’t another extra for your staff to manage.

Teachers who engage in PLD with UTB are delighted to find they have more time on their hands because their workflow is more efficient, and they have the know-how to integrate tech across the curriculum.
We strive to empower educators by arming teachers with the skills to take their next step with confidence and supporting leadership to get the traction they need to move closer towards the school’s goals. 
Bex is here to support you through the application process to get FREE PLD for your school. Happier teachers, happier kids and healthier budgets! 

PLD Online Training Sessions 2022

We get that teachers are feeling stretched. That’s why we’ve designed an awesome smorgasbord of 1 hour online training sessions that will give you mastery over the tech tools and swag of takeaway resources that will give your students the best learning experience ever. And lighten your load. 

Blog Bites

3 Websites to Save You Precious Planning Time

If you’re starting to worry that planning and reports will render your social life non-existent (especially during the school holidays) have we got good news for you! Save time and energy with these three handy websites that will make lesson planning a breeze!  

Click here > 3 Websites to Save You Precious Planning Time

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