The Using Technology Better Show – Episode 7: Professional Development

In this episode of the UTB Show, Adrian provides a super handy road map for education movers and shakers that will ensure your teachers hail your praises, and you get the results you want: transformative, lasting change.

And Paul joins Adrian from the Sunshine Coast to share his observations of the effects on PD in a post-pandemic world that has turned the traditional webinar on its head (for the good!), how to manage energy levels in an increasingly online learning environment, and invaluable tips on how to create engaging webinar presentations


Looking for a way to make using technology in the classroom easier? Fun even? Check out our training across a stack of tech tools here. You’re bound to be using at least one of these tech tools in the classroom.

This training will take your relationship with tech from argh! to ahhh! in a hot minute .  . . ok maybe a few more minutes than just one, but you get the point!

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