The power of search, Twitter wars, SEL questioned as the next EDU war and more! Ep 19

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In this Episode:

In this episode we surf around the web discussion some latest trends and things that have caught our attention.

We discuss:

  • The irony of Google saying our search results will be affected, whilst they actively serve up what they want you to see
  • Academics are questioning if social and emotional learning is the next EDU battleground
  • The twitter war about whether cameras should be on or off for online learning
  • The hopes we have for a new wave of innovation with the Microsoft Duo

And more!

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Podcast Episode Highlights:

2:15 – Google’s open letter to Australians about the new Government legislation proposed to regulate Google and the media
10:55 – Why you need to teach your students good research skills
13:50 – How the big tech companies manipulate search results
17:50 – Different search engines and how they work
22:45 – The anywhere schools program and an interesting perspective on Social and emotional learning
29:08 – Camera wars! – should students have cameras on for online learning
36:55 – A new creativity course created for Google
40:25 – The surface Duo just released and why we like it
46:05 – Apple have been accused of being anti competitive by Epic games
48:35 – Blake leaves with a thought

Resources mentioned:

New creativity course we wrote for Google is live

Creativity in the classroom…

SEL – Anywhere schools
Sel is it just a new movement?

Redistribute Tech wealth among legacy media. Giving anyone access to the inner workings of ranking algorithm seems inequitable and how will the traditional media use it?

Don’t turn on your cameras:


(coming soon)

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