Other Search Engines You Should Check Out

It’s foolish to only use Google for doing online searches. Not only are there several other search engines just as useful, but Google has also created some new ones itself. Watch this podcast to learn about those search engines. One of them could be perfect for you.


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Now, in terms of search engines, we’ve also got some other options here. And Google has created a few different ones.

So the first one here is this one here, which stands for “What Do You Love.” So if I click on this, a new page will open up for me and in here I can type in whatever I like here. So let’s just say I was interested in cars and I could click that. And what it does is, it goes and it gets all the major tools that are inside the Google Suite and it comes back and gives me some information about it. So for instance here is Maps. And then I’ve got YouTube and I’ve got Sketch Up. We’ve got Paint and Searches. We’ve got Calendars. We’ve got blogs searches, Google Books, Google Translate. You’ve got all sorts of things—Google Earth, mobiles, moderator, trends, discussions in groups. You can even set up an alert for this particular topic.So this just puts it all into, like, a card file and just organizes it.

Now you’re not going to get a great amount of search results here, and you’re not going to necessarily find the best search results. But it’s just a different, graphical way of organizing your information.

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