How to get the most out of your school staff development day


In this video I share the major key to providing technology training that will have your staff implementing what they have seen demonstrated.


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Mike: Hi, Mike Reading here from In today’s video I want to give you one tip that will help maximize the professional development that you receive as a school.

Schools sometimes take two different approaches to their professional development. One approach is incredibly effective and one leaves teachers inspired but overwhelmed and ultimately they don’t implement anything.

Here’s the difference.

Some schools go for just in case learning. This type of learning is where you get someone to provide some professional development for you and show them a range of tools, just in case they may need to use that down the track or just in case they may be interested in it.

That type of training is really ineffective because it can be engaging and inspiring but it doesn’t clearly show the teachers what they need to do next to be successful with technology in the classroom.

The type of training that works really well is the type of training called just in time training.

This is where we sit down with you as a school and look at where you are right now and where you would like to be and we devise a plan that will clearly layout the next steps that you need to take.

Now we don’t give the teachers everything about every tool, what we do give them I just the right tool at the right time to make them feel successful with their technology use, but also to shift your school culture just one step forward.

So this year you might be wondering, how can you finish off your year well? Or you might be planning your professional development for next year. So my advice would be to have a look at some of our trainers and then choose the best type of training that will take your school to the next level.

We’ve got great trainers who can train in a whole range of devises and across all types of platforms.

They’re Google Certified, Microsoft Certified and Apple Certified so you know that the training you receive will be high quality and endorsed by these companies.

So next time you’re thinking about your staff development day go to click on the contact us page and then book one of our trainers to come and provide that professional development for you. We look forward to working with your school very soon.

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