How to access Royalty Free music and sound effects in YouTube


In this video, you will find out where you can access thousands of great songs that you can use as background music or sound effects to your YouTube videos.


0:00:38 YouTube link to audio library

0:00:48 How to sort songs in your Library

0:01:10 Click download button and downloads into MP3 format

0:01:40 Request company to use video


Mike: One of the questions that somebody asked is, in the last session, about royalty free music. If your students create a movie and they put it into YouTube, that video actually runs through a filter at YouTube and if it matches a song that’s on their database they’ll ban it straight away.

So remember when Dan was saying that the students created it and they uploaded and it got banned, it’s not because someone listened to it and complained. It actually got picked up automatically. Every video gets screened.

So what you want your students to do is get royalty free music. So I’ll put a link in the doc, if you go to, it gets taken to this audio library here where there’s thousands of songs available.

You can sort them based on their genre, the genre, the mood, the instrument, how long it goes and if you like one, you can just click the little favorite and it will put your – it will collect your favorites for you.

If you listen to a song, (music playing), all right, then kids go, “Yeah, I like it.” They can just click the download button just here and it downloads it in MP3 format for you. So that’s a resource inside YouTube ready to go.

Just use that any time you make a video. Just go and find – there’s lots and lots of stuff. If your students are making a video that like that one that had a good reason to be on YouTube and the song good, you can ask the company to use it and quite often the company will say, “Yes.”

Because what will happen is somebody will watch that video and go, “Hey, I want to buy that music.” So they use it as a marketing tool. So don’t be afraid to ask. It’s quite often the company will say, “Yes.” Initially it just gets banned. It doesn’t even send a notification out from the company or anything.

So if you guys seen the videos like the proposal videos and they’ve got lots and lots of hits or the videos where people are walking down the aisle to funky music and stuff, have you guys seen that? They initially get banned and then the marketing machinery, the company say put it back on. So I won’t use that one. I’ll find it and I’ll put in the doc.

There’s a video of this couple walking down the aisle to some music and the record has sort of tapered off a little bit and someone put it on, got banned. They said, “No, please put it back into YouTube” and then the marketing of that, the sales of that song just go through the roof. It was attributed back to that YouTube video.

So quite interesting.

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