Are teachers more interested in student engagement or student complience? Pt2


When I first posted this I received a question that I felt was worth sharing.

Question: Doesn’t student compliance come with student engagement? 🙂

My answer (expanded here):

Great question…Depends how you define compliance. For some, compliance would be defined as students who are quiet, orderly and following a set of instructions in the order they were given.

But just because a class is sitting quietly does not necessarily mean that they are engaged in their work.

Conversely, a class can be engaged in their learning but up out of their seats, arguing with another group as to why they have the right answer etc but according to the above definition would not be seen as being compliant.

So in the first case compliance wouldn’t be a result of engagement.

The opposite can also be true…if you are a chaos oriented person your class may be up out of their seats and arguing – but they aren’t engaged in their learning, yet because you like chaos you could say that in this case the students are being compliant…

How do you define compliance?

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