Add a Dynamic Soundtrack to Storytelling

Take your digital storytelling to the next level by giving your students the opportunity to create custom, dynamic soundtracks for their stories. 

Perhaps a story calls for a suspenseful musical composition or an upbeat soundtrack. Setting the scene is easy with Garage Band, the ideal tool to create a soundtrack that compliments your students’ writing and drawings. 

Using multimodal tools like Garage Band and Keynote on iPad enables students to tap into all their senses, for a truly engaging and immersive storytelling medium.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Garage Band

1 Open Garage Band

2 Click the + sign at the top to create a new composition

3 Select Track and click Strings

4 At the top right hand corner you can select Notes or Chords

5 To create dramatic, atmospheric music take a finger and slide it along whichever instrument you wish to apply the effect to.
6 To record, click the red button at the top middle section of the screen.

7 When recording is complete return to the Gallery by clicking the button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
8 To share the recording, hold a finger down on the file and click Share. Then select Song.

9 Click on Open in… to export the song to a specific place or choose from a range of mediums to share the file to, such as Air Drop or Email.

10 Select where you’d like your file to be exported to from the drop down list.

11 Name your file here and click Done

12 Now open up KeyNote 1

13 Click on the + sign at the top right hand side to Insert from…  that will take you straight to the files app where you can click on the saved file to add the soundtrack to your story.

Introducing this musical element doesn’t detract from traditional storytelling, but instead adds another dynamic to your students’ digital stories. 


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