Support & Admin Staff Training

Almost all professional learning and development skips over your support and front office staff. We don’t. 
As a vital role in the smooth operations of any school, your support staff are missing out on the essential skills they need to collaborate and communicate more effectively with the entire school community. 
Close the gap between what your support staff already know and what they need to know by empowering them with the fundamental skills. 

Ready to close the gap in your school?

Get your support staff on board with our interactive workshops that develop their existing skills and boost their confidence using digital platforms. We provide essential training in native accessibility tools so they can better support students with diverse learning needs. 
With increased confidence support staff will be more efficient, more organised and more empowered to communicate more effectively with students and teachers. 

They will get hands-on experience using some of the best apps, extensions and tools that will make a real difference in how their students engage with their learning journey. 

Here’s What Leanne, A Teacher Aide Had To Say About Our Training:

I came away feeling so much more confident using Chromebooks. It was explained in such a way that I could relate it to something physical. The whole session was very relaxing and stress-free. I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future!


Primary School

Want results like this for your support staff?

Training Topics

Digital Fluency Training 

Enable greater productivity, efficiency and effective communication workflows using your existing school
platform whether that is Google, Microsoft or Apple.  

Leverage Accessibility Tools to Promote Equity 

Many of the platforms that schools use day-to-day to
facilitate student learning are rich with in-built accessibility
tools that can be used to level the playing field for our
learners. The problem is staff don’t know they are there or
how to use them to meet the needs of the individual students they work with. 

We can offer training in the following platform-specific tools
to help you to help your students:

Apple Apps

iPad accessibility features include: 

  • Adjusting text size and fonts 
  • Spoken content – text-to-speech and speech-to-text (dictation) 
  • Speak selection to support literacy  
  • Split screen for workflows 
  • Upcoming live captions  
  • Utilising screen recording to demonstrate knowledge and understanding 
  • Utilising Voice Memo for literacy support 
  • Utilising Siri across the curriculum 
  • Utilising Safari Reader to support all students 

Google Workspace

Training in:

  • Chromebook Accessibility Menu – customise the viewing settings to personalise the student’s Chromebook experience 
  • Enhance Visual Clarity 
  • Adapting Audio preferences 
  • Options for Entering Information 
  • Google Tools with inbuilt Text to Speak 
  • Explore Tool to find the best resources without getting lost in tabs 
  • Chrome extensions to customise and even the playing field for students.  
  • Open Dyslexic 
  • Read&Write 
  • Mote 

Microsoft 365

Training in:

  • Immersive Reader – overcome reading barriers with inbuilt viewing tools for visual crowding, translation, page contrast and read aloud 
  • Dictation – eliminate hurdles in recording written work 
  • Accessibility Checker – ensure content you create, and share is inclusive for those with accessibility needs 
  • Live transcription, captioning and translation tools – be sure that everyone in online and physical environments understand the content being presented 

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Not convinced?

We're a global partner of Apple, Google & Microsoft. Our trainers are certified experts.

We specialise in
end-user adoption and
technology training.

Our training boosts your productivity and frees up your time. It’s engaging, practical tech training – without the mind-numbing, snoozefest presentations you’re used to. Fewer tech headaches = better productivity and a lot less stress.

We love what we do and we’re passionate about helping your team get to grips with the tech tools they use every day. We’ve trained over 100,000, now, happier humans because they are confident in getting the technology working for them.












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