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You may have heard teachers say they’re not worried if they haven’t got the tech sussed because they think they can rely on their students to help them out. Sound familiar? You may have even had the same thought yourself.  
But just because kids can find their way around a Google Doc or download apps onto an iPad doesn’t mean they have the skills to use technology in authentic and meaningful ways that foster creativity and boost learning outcomes. 
Don’t believe us? Give them one of our skills checklists and see how they score. 

If you’re seeing a disconnect between what your students should know and what they truly know, then perhaps it’s time to consider training for your students.

Having worked with hundreds of schools we see proof every day of how our training with students helps to take learning to a whole new level. 
Keen to find out how you can support your students and lift learning outcomes across your school? 
Schedule a call with the team to find out how other schools just like yours have experienced the change with training in the fundamental digital skills. 



STEAM Camps are an action-packed two-day event that gives students (and teachers) the opportunity to get hands-on with some amazing digital tools that fire up their imagination, unleash their limitless potential, develop their problem-solving skills, and teach them how to lead and collaborate effectively. 

Our two-day STEAM Camps are designed to tick all the boxes!  

  • A fun and engaging space is created by our passionate tech trainers so students can be free to let their imaginations run wild. 
  • Hands-on exploration of cutting-edge digital tools like MBots, drones, and Sphero robots give students firsthand experience of how technology relates to the real world. 
  • Limitless career path possibilities are revealed, and lifelong skills of creative thinking, leadership, and collaboration are developed.

your students in for the STEAM Camp experience!

Want to see your students’ faces light up like this? 

Minecraft Student Academy

When it comes to Minecraft video games plenty of students can do it with their eyes closed. But it’s a different story when they are required to document what they know and how they did it in a classroom context. 

We give students training on how to use Minecraft Education Edition to showcase and differentiate their learning experience. 

The Minecraft Student Academy will:

  • Support classroom teachers to empower their learners to take agency in evidencing and sharing learning using Minecraft’s in-game tools. 
  • Equip students with the knowledge they need to collaborate effectively with their peers in-game as well as provide peer feedback. 
  • Empower students to take responsibility for supporting their teachers and peers using Minecraft in the classroom. 
  • Take students through the requirements of submitting local content they create in Minecraft EDU to the official website as a resource for other teachers and learners. 

Microsoft Transition Program for Students

Moving from Google to Microsoft learning environments can be confusing when primary and intermediate students transition to high school. 

Eliminate the confusion by giving students the training they need to feel confident using the M365 tools. 

Customised training packages will be created in collaboration with your school to deliver the best outcomes for your school’s context. 

The Microsoft Transition Program for Students will:

  • Equip students with the digital skills they need to navigate the transition smoothly and take the pressure off high school teachers once students transition to high school. 
  • Give students hands-on exploration of Microsoft 365 apps through engaging activities that will help them use the features effectively. 
  • Offer schools a sustainable program where senior high school students run this boot camp for primary and intermediate students, which also gives them the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills.

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